Troy Media Digital Solutions

Feeling stressed? We’re here to help

Community news outlets like yours are the backbone of Canada’s media industry. But we’ve heard from many of you about the challenges you face.

Our Action Plan includes:

  • Hosting your news site (Click here to view one of our Affiliate sites in action)
  • Posting all Troy Media content to your site daily.
  • All maintenance,  including for performance and security, at a server level.
  • Implementation of one of our site themes, with 1 hour of customization.
  • * Implementation of our national ad platform to increase your revenue. (Beta)
  • Broadcasting your community’s stories across the Troy Media Affiliate network. (Charges apply)
  • Editing and posting services, including photo manipulation (Ask us for a quote)
  • * Broadcasting your community’s news release, regionally, provincially or nationally.
  • More to come

* New revenue streams

The main question we are asked by those who also have a print edition is, How do I protect my revenue if my local content is also available online?

Our answer: Stop competing with yourself. Don’t replicate your print edition’s content on your news site.

Instead, rebrand your web site as a separate section of your print product, providing added value to your readers with feature content (Travel Features, Auto Reviews, A&E, National News and analysis etc.), augmented with as little (or as much) local content as you desire (breaking news, photos, press releases, contests etc.).

Your website becomes the (online) section of your newspaper, with editorial content that wouldn’t necessarily appear in your print edition, provided and broadcasted daily by Troy Media.

As the best-known and most-used editorial content provider in Canada, we understand your needs. We also understand the stresses and strains you face.

Founded in 2005, Troy Media is a nationally-recognized editorial content provider to media outlets and its own hosted community news outlets across Canada.

Contact us to find out how your news site can enjoy all of the benefits of becoming a Troy Media Affiliate for ONLY $229.95 PER MONTH!