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Faith WoodMost of us are exceptionally hard on ourselves when we consider our flaws and shortcomings. We can find ourselves easily stuck in a struggle we know can be solved but we just don’t know how to begin.

We’re so afraid of failure and of getting it wrong that we let negativity crush our dreams.

If you tend to let negativity rule your life, you’ll never realize your dreams. Here are four practical ways to break the negativity in your life and achieve success in anything that you set out to do:

Speak kindly to yourself

If you don’t maintain kind thoughts and loving feelings toward yourself, you’ll become run down and won’t be able to achieve success.

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The words you speak to yourself have the power to either build you up or tear you down.

Stop allowing your critical inner voice to control your life. Allow yourself to ignore this voice when it’s filling your mind with negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Reinvent your world

Your world is shaped by the way you see yourself, as well as by the beliefs you hold. By changing the attitude you have toward yourself, you can improve the outer experiences in your life.

Start by believing that anything is possible. Remind yourself daily that nothing is impossible.

Once you chose to see yourself in a new light, you’ll stop worrying about what you can’t do and begin to dream about what you can.

Forget mastery and think commitment

Trying to be the master of all you do will only create undue stress and decrease your motivation. It can also make you less likely to reach your goals.

Letting go of the mirage of perfection will allow you to break free from the weight.

When you choose goals to help you get better and accept that the only thing required is the right thinking, incredible changes are possible.

Pay close attention to the flow of your thoughts and you’ll find that you’re better able to focus your mind on being successful.

Change your thoughts

Changing your thoughts and the feelings you have will change your future. Choose more positive thoughts and replace your old negative beliefs as you become more conscious of them.

Your inner awareness is a powerful force that determines your failure or success. Stop waiting for things to happen. Remember your awareness helps to create your reality.

If you want to accomplish your goals and achieve success, you have to let go of the negativity that surrounds you. Follow these four simple steps and never stop believing in yourself.

Faith Wood is a novelist and professional speaker who focuses on helping groups and individuals navigate conflict, shift perceptions and improve communications. 

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