Four distinct personality types have different approaches to handling this seasonal chore. Which one are you?

Faith Wood: How different personality types handle shovelling snowWinter has arrived, casting its frosty spell upon neighbourhoods and transforming landscapes into a snowy wonderland. After several hours of clearing the driveway only to have the plow pass by and bury the entrance again, I started to wonder how my neighbours (and my spouse) approach this seasonal task.

DISC, derived from Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, is a widely used model that categorizes individuals into four primary behavioural preferences. Each type brings its unique blend of traits and tendencies, influencing how one approaches various aspects of life, even the seemingly mundane task of snow shovelling.

Now, buckle up as we explore how Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive, and Conscientious personality types tackle this chilly challenge with their distinctive flair. Winter is not just about the snow; it’s about understanding the diverse ways we navigate life based on our inherent DISC preferences.

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  1. Dominant (D): The Snow Commander: Picture this: a bold figure marching through the snow with a determined gaze. Dominant personalities don’t just shovel snow; they conquer it. They approach the task with a strategic plan, swiftly dividing the driveway into sectors and executing a no-nonsense shovelling operation. Efficiency is the name of the game for the Snow Commanders.
  2. Inspiring (I): The Snow Party Host: For Inspiring personalities, shovelling snow is not just a chore; it’s an opportunity to throw a winter bash. Picture this: they turn their driveway into a snow party zone, engaging with neighbours and turning the snowy landscape into a lively gathering. Armed with shovels and enthusiasm, they initiate friendly competitions for the best snow sculpture or the fastest shoveller, with coveted prizes up for grabs. The whole neighbourhood becomes a festive arena as the Snow Party Hosts infuse the task with laughter, camaraderie, and a dash of friendly competition. For them, shovelling is not just about clearing pathways but creating lasting memories and connecting with the community.
  3. Supportive (S): The Inclusive Snow Team Captain: For the Supportive personalities, shovelling snow isn’t just a task; it’s an inclusive community effort. Imagine the Inclusive Snow Team Captains gently leading the way, ensuring no one gets left behind in the frosty endeavour. They approach the snow-covered landscape with a steady and nurturing demeanour, forming a snow-shovelling team that prioritizes every member. As they work together, they ensure that everyone, regardless of age or ability, is included and supported in the snowy mission. The Inclusive Snow Team Captains not only clear the pathways but also warm hearts, turning the neighbourhood into a beacon of unity and compassion. For them, shovelling snow is a shared journey where no one faces the winter chill alone.
  4. Conscientious (C): The Precision Shoveller: Enter the world of Conscientious personalities, where shovelling snow is elevated with precision and care. This shoveller plans and executes their snow removal mission with consideration and planning. Armed with advanced snow removal tools, they carefully assess each snowflake’s placement and methodically clear every inch of the driveway.

Picture this: before the first shovel hits the snow, Conscientious individuals study the weather forecast, determining the optimal time to begin their operation. They analyze the snow’s texture and density, selecting the most effective tools for the job. With mathematical precision, they divide the driveway into perfectly measured sections, ensuring not a single snowflake is left untouched.

The Precision Shoveller doesn’t just clear pathways; they craft a snowscape masterpiece. Each shovel stroke is purposeful, creating neatly organized snowbanks and well-defined edges. The result is not just a snow-free driveway but a work of art that reflects the meticulous nature of the Conscientious personality.

But it doesn’t end there. The Precision Shoveller also considers the long-term, strategizing for future snowfalls. They may invest in de-icing materials and protective measures to safeguard against the winter’s icy grip. For them, shovelling snow is not a task; it’s a calculated and thoughtful process, turning the driveway into a canvas where precision and foresight reign supreme.

In the grand spectacle of snow shovelling, each DISC Behavioural preference brings its own unique style to the forefront. Whether you’re a Snow Commander, a Snow Party Host, a Snow Team Captain, or a Precision Shoveller, embrace your winter personality and make the most out of this snowy season.

So, which snow shoveller are you?

Faith Wood is a professional speaker, author, and certified professional behaviour analyst. Prior to her speaking and writing career, she served in law enforcement, which gives her a unique perspective on human behaviour and motivations. Faith is also known for her work as a novelist, with a focus on thrillers and suspense. Her background in law enforcement and understanding of human behaviour often play a significant role in her writing.

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