Claim your goals and craft a life of passion and purpose

Faith Wood: Claim your goals and craft a life of passion and purpose

My eyes are often glued to the television while watching Olympic athletes put their hearts, bodies and minds on the line as they chase a gold medal.

Afterwards, when interviewed, these athletes speak of how long they’ve dreamed of this moment. They talk of the hard work and perseverance that have culminated in this day, this chance.

Have you ever experienced such a dedicated pursuit? To possess a crystal-clear understanding of what you aim to accomplish in a particular area of your life?

It takes courage to lay claim to a goal, especially at a time when many seem more inclined to stand against something rather than for something.

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When you claim a goal, you not only define it but also mobilize a community of support around it.

What if you could craft a life that ignites your enthusiasm every morning, where you wake up eager for the day ahead, excited about your chosen path, even amidst occasional nervousness, fear, fatigue, or adverse weather conditions?

This might sound overly idealistic, but if we don’t determine our desires for ourselves, we risk living a life dictated by others. It means settling for merely drifting along.

Chasing your most profound life goals isn’t a luxury to postpone until after attending to all the so-called “serious” matters in life. It’s a necessity, and it’s never too late to embark on this journey.

What you desire is what you require. Your deepest aspirations emanate from your core, carrying vital insights into your identity and potential. You must cherish them, respect them, and, above all, grant yourself the right to dream.

There are no excuses for being born into the wrong circumstances, facing marginalization, or lacking the right connections. If your desire burns passionately enough, you must commit to pursuing it, facing both the positive and negative aspects of the journey.

An idea about what you want is akin to a seed.

When a seed encounters fertile soil, abundant water, and sunlight, it doesn’t struggle to sprout. It doesn’t wait for self-confidence, self-discipline, or perseverance to magically appear. It merely unfurls – it’s an inevitable process.

However, if a seed is burdened with obstacles like a heavy rock, deep shade, or inadequate water, it struggles to grow into a healthy, robust plant. The drive to become what you are destined to be is undeniably powerful. But in such circumstances, the result may be a pale, stunted, and withering existence.

Perhaps it’s been so long since you contemplated your true desires that the prospect seems daunting. Maybe you stowed away your dreams while attending to your responsibilities. Now, you might not even know where to begin searching for a dream.

Start by asking yourself this question: What do I love?

Just like Olympic hopefuls express their love for their sport and the passion that drives them to practice diligently, consider what stirs your own heart. Love motivates people to arrive early, stay late, work harder, and persist through setbacks, injuries, and discouragements.

So, what do you love? It could be your work, a hobby, a sport, or a pastime. It might be something you’ve always been passionate about, a subject you wish you’d explored more deeply, or simply something that intrigues you, even if you have limited knowledge about it.

These facets of your identity may be hiding in plain sight. They need to be gathered and carefully examined before you can chart a life that genuinely resonates with you – a life that fills you with excitement to greet each day, even if it occasionally brings trepidation.

Faith Wood is a professional speaker, author, and certified professional behaviour analyst. Prior to her speaking and writing career, she served in law enforcement, which gives her a unique perspective on human behaviour and motivations. Faith is also known for her work as a novelist, with a focus on thrillers and suspense. Her background in law enforcement and understanding of human behaviour often play a significant role in her writing.

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