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It’s more important than ever, as a community news outlet, to stay connected with your readers. You want and need to share information with your community during these trying times.

But with print ad revenue drying up, sharing that news with your readers is becoming increasingly difficult. For some of you, the cost of newsprint and printing is starting to overwhelm your business. Some of you have even told us you’ve had to stop print production completely until after the current crisis is over.

That’s why it’s so important to finally bite the bullet and launch – or update – your news website.

You’ve always known you needed a good website to help find new readers and new ad revenue. But now it may be the only way your readers can keep on top of events that are directly affecting their community and their families. And it may be the only way your advertisers can reach their market.

You may have put off launching a website because you believed developing one is expensive and will take up valuable time and resources. That may have been true at one time but not now.

Troy Media Digital Solutions can quickly get your news site up and running in a matter of days – at a cost you can afford.

We make the process quick and easy. We have a robust server to host your site. We provide technical support and training tools to get you posting in short order.

And we offer the full suite of Troy Media’s trusted editorial package to give your website additional value for your readers and advertisers.

How economical are we?

You pay just $99.95 a month for us to host your site and provide all of Troy Media’s editorial content. We will even post our material to your site every day.

What’s the catch? There is none.

Still unconvinced?

Visit https://thegrizzlygazette.com/ to see what your news site could look like and then get in touch with Grizzly Gazette publisher Carol Webster at 780-333-2100 and ask her about our services.

SPECIAL OFFER to community newspaper association members

If you’re a member of a provincial newspaper association, we’ll get you set up with your news site and provide the first month of hosting and content FREE!.

Contact us today to find our how Troy Media Digital Solutions can help you adjust to the ever-changing media landscape.