Will these 10 gadgets improve your life?

Yogi SchulzAI Aquarium

Has your aquarium and its fish become outdated and boring?

AI Aquarium is the world’s first smart aquarium that helps your friends identify the different marine creatures they see in your aquarium. The system can recognize aquatic species and show corresponding information on a transparent display. AI Aquarium also supports gesture recognition, with 98 per cent accuracy and plays video and audio to create an immersive experience.

This interactive augmented reality technology can wow your friends.

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Beverage printer

Do you need to insert an illustration into your drinks?

LiDR is the world’s first beverage printer. Using a robotic ink dispenser, LiDR draws 3D liquid patterns, such as short words, logos or illustrations in a beverage. Owners can create 3D designs on their PC or tablet and link the device to the robot to print them in the drink.

If your drinks aren’t distinctive or artistic enough, this robot may help.

Learn more here.

Communicate with your pets

Do you want to enrich your communication with your pets?

FluentPet Connect is a WiFi-connected innovative system designed to enable better inter-species communication. End-users of the system can monitor, evaluate, and share their status.

Based on user input, the new system improves user experience by including mobile app connectivity and increased audio capability. Animals can now send “texts” to their humans when they are gone or even just in another room. By pressing Bluetooth-enabled buttons, pets can ensure that humans never miss an important message or milestone. A prerequisite is many hours of training your dog or cat to use the system and press the correct buttons.

Once they get the hang of it, they may also annoy you with an avalanche of repeated texts. I wonder if the system has a mute button to suppress pet “text spamming.”

This product sounds like an annoying time-waster.

Buy FluentPet Connect here.

Improve your air quality

Is your local air quality undermining your health or enjoyment of the surroundings?

TAKE A BREATH is a combination air purifier, air distributor and sun visor. It uses innovative filtering technology to remove pollutants, unpleasant odours and excess temperature from the air we breathe.

The visor includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for a smartphone or earbuds.

The dual round air-intakes on this device make the wearer look like Mickey Mouse. If your local air quality needs improvement, you are probably better off leaving the area or wearing a proper respirator.

Buy the TAKE A BREATH air purifier here.

Improve your tennis game

Does your tennis game need to improve without anyone knowing?

iVolve Pro is a robot tennis training system that works like an intelligent ball machine. It uses AI-based vision technology to behave like a real tennis trainer.

The robot uses an advanced autonomous vision system with machine learning algorithms to move around the tennis court. It moves with 360-degree rotation and independent steering on its four wheels.

If your tennis coach is unavailable or you’ve annoyed all your tennis partners, this product is for you.

To learn more about the iVolve Pro, click here.

Robotic head for remote meeting guests

Do your remote guests feel like second-class citizens in your meetings?

WEHEAD is the first spatial video communication device for in-person meeting participants to see remote guests naturally in three dimensions. Now everyone can immerse themselves in the meeting space.

The facial features of remote guests are shown realistically on the HD display. The Wehead’s motors mimic the remote guest’s head movements in real-time to allow participants to observe the guest more realistically.

The microphone and speaker move with the head. That feature allows everyone to sense each other’s presence in the room.

Presenting remote meeting guests as robotic heads feels more distracting than helpful.

To learn more about the WEHEAD, click here.

Live emotion detection

Do you want to heighten awareness of your emotion?

Upmood is the first live emotion detection wearable and app combination. It senses your body’s various signals and bio-patterns to enhance emotional awareness.

Paired with the app, the Upmood wearable expands the limit of your verbal and non-verbal communication. It combines the sciences of quality emotional monitoring with an all-new social networking experience.

Upmood feels like a combination of hype and hyperbole when we can all build emotional awareness with a small dose of mindfulness.

To learn more about Upmood, click here.

High-tech hair-growing at home

Are you determined to try the latest hair-growing product?

The SonoRepro is a non-contact vibration pressure stimulator for scalp and hair care at home. It creates approximately 40,000 air vibrations per second to stimulate the scalp.

It’s also used on the head after minoxidil has been applied. Minoxidil is a common medication prescribed for treating hair loss. It is used off-label for stimulating body hair growth.

This device may be the most high-tech hair-growing product yet devised.

Buy the SonoRepro here.

High-tech cocktail drink-mixer

Are your drink-mixing skills not impressing your guests?

The Bartesian Professional mixes lounge-quality premium cocktails at the touch of a button.

First, select Vodka, Tequila, Whiskey, Gin or Rum, and water. Then, insert your desired Bartesian capsules containing all the premium bitters, extracts, juice concentrates, and mixers that would otherwise need to be individually sourced, purchased and stored. The rotary dial on the display screen allows each person to select their desired strength of cocktail as light, regular or strong.

This drink mixer is ideal for someone with many thirsty friends and extra cash.

Order the Bartesian Professional here.

Smartphone for children

Aren’t your children already over-stimulated by technology?

The myFirst Fone R1s is an all-in-one device. It combines a phone, MP3 music player, camera, clock, GPS tracker, and fitness tracker. You can personalize it by choosing an animated wallpaper or a photo. With this smartphone, parents can accurately and conveniently track their children or even geo-fence them using the related app.

The heart rate monitor motivates young ones to achieve their daily steps target.

This smartphone contains no end of distractions for children learning focus and a little discipline.

Order myFirst Fone R1s here.

Yogi Schulz has over 40 years of information technology experience in various industries. Yogi works extensively in the petroleum industry. He manages projects that arise from changes in business requirements, the need to leverage technology opportunities, and mergers. His specialties include IT strategy, web strategy and project management.

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